Visitors Were Welcome

The 22 June was the official opening for Lanna Expo 18 and the World Fair. Our Australia pavilion is ready for visitors.

To tell the story a picture profile of the first few days best highlights the activity. First there was the official opening ceremony and picture opportunity with the Consular Corps of Northern Thailand with the Deputy Prime Minister and Governor of Chiang Mai.

Then the official party, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and Governor of Chiang Ma,i toured the World Fair visiting the country pavilions, including Australia. A friendly and relaxed discussion occurred about our display and activities, some food tasting a gift presentation were enjoyed.

The Honorary Consul was joined by an Australian Embassy representative, Katherine Twomey, First Secretary Trade and Economics, for opening day events. Katherine was in Chiang Mai for series of meetings with various agencies.

Then it was onto to hosting our pavilion visitors and having fun.  One fun activity is selfies and picture opportunities.

Education and Alumni. People were stopping buy to chat with agents and our Alumni. Thanks Alumni for helping out and sharing about your time in Australia. Saturday night a mother visiting our Pavilion called her son in Melbourne who is studying English to chat with our booth Host Khun Ace and an Australian Alumni who had been in Melbourne to get his degree. It was about advice on what to see and do in Melboure outside of study. Great experience.

Generally the Australia display is offering information, activities and products showcases. Fun things like food tasting,  Australia in 360 videos, lucky spin wheel and more fun times to do can be seen in these pictures.

Face painting was a big hit with visitors

We had unexpected help from Montfort School volunteers over the weekend – Thanks ladies for helping out. Also thanks to Khun Oil our Thai University Student helper – you are doing a fantastic job.







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