Fun Face Painting Was Popular

Australian Icon Painting – By Thai Artists 

People came along to get themselves or the kids fun and face painted. They took time to explore our displays, take a selfie and learn more about Australia.

At our Australian Pavilion face painting will be a popular way to entertain guests that visit us. Face painting is great entertainment and simple fun, and occasionally, it becomes high art. Come along and engage our Thai artists to get an Aussie Flag, a kangaroo, a koala, a boomerang or other Australian icon image painted. Just like these people did last year

Background – From hunting camouflage, to religious decoration, to military subterfuge, face painting has been applied to everyday living in many ways. The use of face paints can be traced back to the indigenous people of Australia and Africa. During ceremonies, tribespeople would adorn their faces and bodies with clay, charcoal, and other natural pigments. In today’s society, it is used most commonly as entertainment.

Beginning around the 1960’s, a more modern interpretation of body painting began to emerge. The liberal thinking that evolved during that era spurred a large number of artists to become professional body painters, for artistic purposes as well as entertainment and product promotion.

Face painting is an essential part of the theater. Face painting can also be seen at sporting events.  You can often see children and adults getting designs at carnivals and events. Professional painters use a variety of colors and paints that are made specifically for application to the face.


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