Selfie Contest – We Had 3 Winners

Taking pictures is always fun – try a selfie, or ask our hosts to take it for you, against our “kangaroo on the beach” backdrop, take a great picture of our pavilion displays or of guests exploring and enjoying having fun with our activities. You can be the photojournalist – point, aim & snap.

Then, post your pictures and tag us on your Facebook (using #Aussieboothcm18) or on Twitter or Instagram (using #australiancmwf18).

Show our booth hosts that you have posted pavilion selfies or pics on your social media – Tag our Facebook page (#Aussieboothcm18)  or our Twitter (#australiacmwf18) or Instagram (#australiacmwf18) profile – and you can then enter a lucky draw for a chance to win a special Aussie Memento prize.

Use our “kangaroos on the beach ” selfie backdrop and have fun – liven up your photo with the use of our Aussie props – cute things to hold and use to enhance your picture surprises. Pose with a surfboard, a kangaroo, koala, a wombat or use our selfie frame and other items.

Looking forward to your visit and seeing some of your photo’s of our pavilion


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